Development and research – Final A2 Poster Design.


This is my final A2 poster design created in adobe illustrator, I am happy with my final outcome as it all merges well together and portrays a clear theme.




Development and Research – Changes to statistics.

I have decided to change my statistics as what I have featured before doesn’t show a huge range of data, for example the top ten in the list apart from the USA are all very small islands therefore not showing a true data set compared to population, so I will be using my original data set from (

Development and Research – Using Illustrator.

To create a vector image I use Illustrator and the Trace tool, however after finding the right image I wanted to used I have to create a clipping mask (crop) the image to size so only the section of the photo I need is used, to do this you use the pen tool and create an outline carefully around the image by doing this you are selecting what part of the photo you want. You select your new outline and the original image to create a clipping mask, this now leaves you with just your selected image.

Secondly select your new image and (Object – Image trace) to stylise and make the image almost cartoon like, which doesnt only look a lot clearer but helps to keep the quality to a maximum.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 04.48.11 Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 04.49.22 Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 04.49.34 Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 04.51.24

Development and Research – Changes made to poster.

After working on my poster I decided to change back to my original idea of using ‘Burgers’ for scale instead of a ‘Body’ I have done this after trying both and gaining feedback and realising the ‘Burgers’ look better and relate more to my theme. So instead of using my vector body I have gathered pictures of Burgers and traced them all and turned the into my own Vector images, with this i will be using the theme of flags however using the scale of the burgers as a representation of mass obesity and a cocktail flag to emulate the country for example –

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 04.37.02

Development and Realisation – First Draft.

For my first draft of my poster I decided to try the Human body idea, similar to my burger idea and according to size references the percent of obese/overweight people in that country. I want to go for a very simple but effective theme that represents my title clearly and uses a variety of colours that will induce the readers attention. I drew a very simple sketch to represent my draft, and how it will look once I have created it, several ideas came to mind when drawing this up for example to keep to the theme I have decided to make the the title ‘Fattest’ out of food to make it clear and eye catching when you look at my poster.


Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 04.03.50

Here is my first draft of my title and body, looking at my title I am very happy as it represents my theme as well as junk food which relates to obesity, to gain this title I used JPEG’s of food and traced the image in Adobe illustrator to ensure it was a vector graphic and the quality would stay the same no matter what size the poster is, I then used the trace tool and selected 16 colours to make it look ‘cartoonish’ this will be the same throughout my poster to make it aesthetically pleasing.

I used the same process when completing the body below however added a 3D effect to make the body stand out, as this is my first draft i will be improving on the body as Im not 100% happy with it, I will also be making each country different sizes according to the percentage of obese/overweight people in that country.

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 23.22.58

Development and Realisation – Specific Title Research.

After choosing ‘What is the fattest country’ I began to look specifically into what I wanted to display on my poster, however before doing so I researched the question to gain some basic stats and to see what the top ten fattest countries where according to obesity levels, this information will be the base to my poster. The top ten fattest countries in the world are –

  1. Mexico.
  2. USA.
  3. New Zealand.
  4. Chile.
  5. Australia.
  6. Canada.
  7. UK.
  8. Ireland.
  9. Luxembourg.
  10. Finland.


However if we look at statistics and percentages of people overweight this is the correct table and I will be using this to complete my poster, although the statistics is not a huge range of data I will still be using this data as it is an eye opener in which many people do not know.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 03.41.27


After gathering this information I was ready to begin designing my poster. After researching a few more posters one really caught my eye and made my previous idea merge together, for example using flags and food together to represent a country however instead of representing meal prices I will use the size of burgers to represent a figure for example the obesity rate of a country and the bigger the burger the bigger the obesity rate, which still follows my simple but effective theme.


Another ideaI will experiment with will be using the outlines of bodies and embedding flags in them to represent the country for example –


Development and Realisation – Initial Ideas.

Below is a short Prezi with a few rough ideas for my poster


After Mind mapping out a few ideas I have become fond of one idea in particular, using food to represent a country as well as using size to enforce the ‘obese’ theme. Now I have a rough idea on what I want my poster to feature I will begin research into my specific area and begin looking at some data that will help me emulate the main facts on my poster.

I will also start to look for images and colour themes that will make my poster as visually pleasing as possible yet still stick to my theme of food/obesity.


Development and Realisation – Research.

When beginning my research we were told to visit ( to gather a rough idea on what our posters should look like as well as too see a variety of ways on how information can be displayed. This opened my eyes to many different ways of displaying information, for example its not always necessary to have loads of text as it is possible to display a vast amount of information solely through visual graphics, for example this poster caught my eye due to the lack of text and diverse way its information is displayed.

This infographics poster is called ‘Sports Twitterverse’ and is a “A mapping of the most influential tweeters in sports — how the leagues, journalists, and athletes themselves are interconnected. This interested me due to the dynamic design and how visually pleasing it is compared to reading a set of data. When beginning to think of a design for my poster my initial ideas are to stick to a visual theme in which my demographic audience will have to ‘work’ out what it means, it will be very obvious however offers a more engaging poster when at first glance my audience may not know what its about.


When looking at posters that have a relation to my theme this poster caught my eye. I enjoyed the simplicity of the poster and how its very ‘straight to the point’ this allows the audience to understand the poster immediately as well as relate to how the image portrays the states as if they were food inside the ‘obese’ persons body. After looking at a variety of posters to do with my theme of ‘what is the fattest country?’ I have come up with several ideas I will shortly be posting.



Development and realisation.

Today we received our brief for the development and realisation unit, our brief states that for our first assignment we have to create a web blog that will display our research into our title and ways we have gone about getting our research as well as a visual journey on how we actually created our A2 poster.

The titles for our A2 poster were:

  • Where have you been and when?
  •  What is your social network?
  •  How many documented meteor impacts have there been?
  •  Who lives the longest?
  •  What is the fattest country?
  •  Where do different genders shop online?
  •  Who knows each other and how in Star Wars?
  •  What type of music is the most popular?
  •  Who has the largest carbon footprint?
  • How does the hydrologic cycle (also called the water cycle) work?

After reading the brief I decided to choose ‘What is the fattest country?’ as when discussing this title I could think of several good ways to interpret this question visually through graphics. So I began to research in this topic area for my A2 poster which is the second assignment.

Lastly, for our third and final assignment we have to present our posters in a critique on Tuesday the 13th of jan, the main aim of this critique is for feedback on my poster as well as the chance to answer questions and portray what my poster means.