Temporal Expressions – Task 2.

In our brief we were asked to create a joiner image in the style of David Hockney like the image below, to keep with the theme CYCLE I decided to take a picture of a watch. I enjoyed doing this task as it took time and effort to ensure all the images matched up correctly. I also enjoyed working in the style of David Hockney as it is a very alternative style of photography and has a very eye catching appearance.


Work in the style of David Hockney.

Long Exposure Shots.

Short Exposure shots.

Here are three of my favourite short exposure shots taken, I like the idea of being frozen in time and i believe these images demonstrate that very well.  They also display an instant of time and capture something that happens very quickly for example the waves/splashes.

_MG_0178   IMG_0187IMG_0176

Here are just a selection of some of the short exposure shots taken.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 19.06.33

Experimenting with Slit Scan App.1

In addition to my CYCLE themed images I took some shots out of focus which I think creates a really eye catching effect, the blurred light and distorted images create more in depth meaning as the viewer has to work out what the image is and can have their own perspective of the image.



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