Development and Realisation – Research.

When beginning my research we were told to visit ( to gather a rough idea on what our posters should look like as well as too see a variety of ways on how information can be displayed. This opened my eyes to many different ways of displaying information, for example its not always necessary to have loads of text as it is possible to display a vast amount of information solely through visual graphics, for example this poster caught my eye due to the lack of text and diverse way its information is displayed.

This infographics poster is called ‘Sports Twitterverse’ and is a “A mapping of the most influential tweeters in sports — how the leagues, journalists, and athletes themselves are interconnected. This interested me due to the dynamic design and how visually pleasing it is compared to reading a set of data. When beginning to think of a design for my poster my initial ideas are to stick to a visual theme in which my demographic audience will have to ‘work’ out what it means, it will be very obvious however offers a more engaging poster when at first glance my audience may not know what its about.


When looking at posters that have a relation to my theme this poster caught my eye. I enjoyed the simplicity of the poster and how its very ‘straight to the point’ this allows the audience to understand the poster immediately as well as relate to how the image portrays the states as if they were food inside the ‘obese’ persons body. After looking at a variety of posters to do with my theme of ‘what is the fattest country?’ I have come up with several ideas I will shortly be posting.




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