Development and realisation.

Today we received our brief for the development and realisation unit, our brief states that for our first assignment we have to create a web blog that will display our research into our title and ways we have gone about getting our research as well as a visual journey on how we actually created our A2 poster.

The titles for our A2 poster were:

  • Where have you been and when?
  •  What is your social network?
  •  How many documented meteor impacts have there been?
  •  Who lives the longest?
  •  What is the fattest country?
  •  Where do different genders shop online?
  •  Who knows each other and how in Star Wars?
  •  What type of music is the most popular?
  •  Who has the largest carbon footprint?
  • How does the hydrologic cycle (also called the water cycle) work?

After reading the brief I decided to choose ‘What is the fattest country?’ as when discussing this title I could think of several good ways to interpret this question visually through graphics. So I began to research in this topic area for my A2 poster which is the second assignment.

Lastly, for our third and final assignment we have to present our posters in a critique on Tuesday the 13th of jan, the main aim of this critique is for feedback on my poster as well as the chance to answer questions and portray what my poster means.


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