Development and Realisation – Specific Title Research.

After choosing ‘What is the fattest country’ I began to look specifically into what I wanted to display on my poster, however before doing so I researched the question to gain some basic stats and to see what the top ten fattest countries where according to obesity levels, this information will be the base to my poster. The top ten fattest countries in the world are –

  1. Mexico.
  2. USA.
  3. New Zealand.
  4. Chile.
  5. Australia.
  6. Canada.
  7. UK.
  8. Ireland.
  9. Luxembourg.
  10. Finland.


However if we look at statistics and percentages of people overweight this is the correct table and I will be using this to complete my poster, although the statistics is not a huge range of data I will still be using this data as it is an eye opener in which many people do not know.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 03.41.27


After gathering this information I was ready to begin designing my poster. After researching a few more posters one really caught my eye and made my previous idea merge together, for example using flags and food together to represent a country however instead of representing meal prices I will use the size of burgers to represent a figure for example the obesity rate of a country and the bigger the burger the bigger the obesity rate, which still follows my simple but effective theme.


Another ideaI will experiment with will be using the outlines of bodies and embedding flags in them to represent the country for example –



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