Kinetic Typography – Task 4.

New Project from George on Vimeo.

Today I completed my Kinetic Typography task, I decided to change my clip very last minute as the clip i had previously chosen from breaking bad was extremely fast making it almost impossible to keep up with. I have no chosen a clip from a popular Tv series Sons of Anarchy. I enjoyed working with this task however feel as if i could have spent more time ensuring all the letter match with the voiceover as some are slightly out of time. Also to further this I would have liked to have used some graphics/animation to make the clip more intense and eye catching.


Working with After Effects.

After Effects. from George on Vimeo.

In today’s seminar we started to work with After Effects, we were asked to create a kinetic typography opening scene. As i’ve used After Effects before the task was not too challenging however I still learnt how to achieve a similar outcome with a much easier approach. I also learnt and used more effects on texts for example the use of 3D to create a swinging effect on the text, and opacity which i have not used before.

I will now further this into a 20 second clip from from Breaking Bad and attempt to subtitle it as the words are spoken.

Before starting my Kinetic typography clip I watched this tutorial on youtube.